6 lessons I have learned about new babies

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6 lessons I have learned about new babies

Dina Abdul Majeed

Dina is a wife, mama, designer, and dreamer! Her two boys, 3-year-old Hashem and 1-year-old Sanad, bring new meaning and vision to her life. “Mommy-hood challenges me to a better version of myself—stronger, more motivated, and with an intense need of constant learning. I’m relearning how to value the simple things in life, like sharing laughter with my little ones!”

Dina grew up with a love for art, leading her into a 13-year career as a designer. She began in advertising—and met her husband there! Later, she found her passion in the online world and worked at Yahoo as Head of Creative in the Middle East and Africa. There, Dina focused on optimizing the online user experience, and her responsibilities included content branding, rich media advertising, and digital solutions. Basically, she made sure online communications were easy, creative, and eye-catching!

But her life and work dreams were not complete until she started creating 360 MOMS. Seeing moms in the Arab world desiring updated and relevant knowledge about pregnancy, motherhood, and so much more, Dina wanted to help. She believes every mama deserves to be supported, empowered, and inspired. And 360 MOMS has already done this for her personally! “Working alongside moms and experts on this project inspires me in ways I never imagined! And I hope it does the same for every family in our region—Arabs and non-Arabs alike.” Dina lives with her husband, Omar, and her two children in Amman, Jordan.
6 lessons I have learned about new babies

When I was pregnant with my first child, I did my research; I have read more than 8 books about parenting and taking care of newborns and toddlers. I thought I knew it all, that it will be a piece of cake, I was even thinking “How on earth does my sister have a hard time with her kids sleep?!” It’s easy, you just have to follow the rules, and create a routine, right?


Reading about babies is completely different from living it, of course reading about it helps a lot, but still, it’s not the same.

To save you – lovely mamas- some regrets that I had, I will tell you about 6 lessons I have learned from my experience as a mom of two, and I hope they will help you especially the first few weeks:

1- Get some sleep: Yes I know, easier said than done. I have imagined that my first days with my newborn will be like heaven! I was so ready and excited to meet my baby, but of course my unstable hormones, lack of sleep, and new mom’s tension, made me an angry person the first couple of weeks, I was so tired, and didn’t enjoy my days as a new mom. My advice? if you’re too tired, go sleep, you will be happier and calmer once you have an hour or two of sleep, and you will enjoy your baby more, allow your husband or family to help, which gets me to the second lesson.

2- Accept help: This was a big mistake I did, I was over-protective with my first born that I didn’t even allow my own mother to hold him when he cried, it was hard because my baby was colicky, so getting help would have made a huge difference to me and I’m sure I would have been more relaxed.

3- Dont listen to every single advice you hear: and you will hear ALOT! everybody has an opinion and an experience to share. I’m not saying don’t listen to all of them, some of them are great, and really useful. But some might not work for you or your baby. I do recommend reading some parenting & babies health books. You can also attend workshops specifically for new moms. And you can get in touch with your baby’s pediatrician, parenting expert, or child sleep expert and discuss your questions with them.

4- Every baby is different: There are some general rules that applies to all babies, but in some ways babies are not the same. I have two kids now, and I have learned that babies are different, for example, as a newborn, my first was colicky, and used to breastfeed for 30-40 min per session, he used to wake up every hour or two. My second was a very quite baby, he woke up once every 3 hours (without even crying!) and he breastfed for 5-10 minutes per session, … completely different.

I kept worrying why my first baby wasn’t a big baby, was I doing something wrong? am I not feeding him right? I kept feeling guilty right until I had his (big baby) brother, and then I learned that they have different body types, I wasn’t doing anything wrong.

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5- Listen to your instincts: We do have motherly instincts, and if you feel strongly about something, then follow what you feel. For example, people kept telling me that I’m not putting enough clothes on my baby, that I need to put heavy clothes on him (I delivered him during winter), I followed their advice although I wasn’t convinced, the result was that his body had a rash from overheating!

6- Expect the unexpected – and it could actually be good: When my baby was two months old, I broke my shoulder, imagine how challenging it was, especially that I exclusively breastfed him, the first day I cried, I didn’t know how I would handle it, how will I wake up at night and hold him? burp him? carry him? well, I had help, my husband woke up with me every single time the baby woke; he handed him to me, and when I finished feeding him he took him back to his crib. and about breastfeeding, I pumped from the left side (the broken side), it wasn’t easy for him to accept a bottle of my milk since I never gave him a bottle so first times I would pump and throw, eventually he accepted it. and that helped me when I got back to work. Another great outcome is that I tried swaddling him, and that made him sleep longer at night! Sometimes bad things happen, but you never know in what ways it will be good for you.

6 lessons I have learned about new babies

A month after I broke my shoulder

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