Top Items Needed for Your Baby’s First Year

Top Items Needed for Your Baby’s First Year

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By: Misan Abu Rmeilah, a mother of two

When I was pregnant with my first child I researched and asked around for all the baby items that I had to -absolutely- have. With hindsight, it turned out that I overbought where some items were the absolute essentials, while others were unnecessary, and some were only “nice to have” items.

I ended up having bought so many items; needed and not needed, to account for all those “necessary” items. So, in order to save you the hassle of looking for the perfect checklist, I compiled for you a list below that shows all the items, that are actually needed for your newborn’s first year.


Top Items Needed for Your Baby's First Year

Nursery Furniture

Crib or co-sleeper

Crib mattress

Changing table or mat

Bassinet (though it’s only safe until 3 months)

Rocking chair

Humidifier or vaporizer


Baby monitor



Fitted crib sheets

Several thin cotton receiving blankets

Waterproof mattress protectors



Top Items Needed for Your Baby's First Year

For breastfeeding

Nipple cream (for the first few weeks)

Nursing bras

Nursing pads

Cotton bibs

Burp cloths

Breast pump if you are planning to pump (electric if you will use it every day at work, otherwise a hand pump is fine)

Breast milk storage bags or containers

Bottles with nipples

Bottle-cleaning brush

Bottle-drying rack

Bottle sterilizer


For formula feeding

Bottles with nipples

Bottle-cleaning brush

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Bottle-drying rack

Baby formula

Cotton bibs

Burp cloths

Insulated carrier and thermos for outings

Dry formula dispenser

Bottle sterilizer


Solid-food feeding (4-6 months of age)

High chair

Plastic Bibs

Infant feeding spoons

Infant bowl


Basic Baby Care

Top Items Needed for Your Baby's First Year

For diapering



Diaper rash ointment


For bathing and grooming

Hooded towels


Infant tub

Bath seat (for after 6 months)

Baby bath wash

Baby shampoo

Baby cream/lotion (I personally prefer using olive oil)

Baby comb and brush set

Nail scissors/nail clippers/nail file set

Baby-friendly laundry detergent


For soothing

Pacifiers if you decide to use them


The medicine cabinet


Nasal aspirator

Saline nose drops

Anti-gas medicine




A special outfit to bring baby home in

Bodysuits (long, short or sleeveless depending on your preference and the weather)

T-shirt-and-pant sets

Pajamas (preferably one piece in the first 6 months)

Hat (cotton for summer and wool for winter)

A wearable sleep sack, to use instead of a blanket when first born


Going Out

Top Items Needed for Your Baby's First Year

Car seat that fits a newborn and is rear-facing or convertible to make front-facing after their 2nd birthday

Stroller (I would recommend a stroller that your car seat fits onto)

Diaper bag filled with diapers, wipes, and at least three spare outfit

Mirror to see baby in the car while driving


In closing, please bear in mind that the essentials will differ from mother to mother, dependent on her budget and her personal circumstances (e.g. whether she drives with her newborn or stays at home most of the time). As all of these items are readily available, it is better to limit a number of things that you initially purchase, and add other items as your baby grows and has a preference for an item over another (e.g. wide neck baby bottles vs. standard).

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For example, most newborns grow up so quickly that their outfits become too small within the first month. Thus, I recommend that you only purchase the necessary items first and save the rest for the future.

Your friends and family will also be gifting your baby items, so remember to tell them what you need or have a “baby list” which they can use to buy what you need.


Happy parenting and enjoying your time with your newborn!

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