Write For Us!

Share your thoughts and opinions, become part of the discussions, and help in shaping how the world around us perceive motherhood and parenting in many different areas, such as health, fitness, mental wellness, beauty, food, relationships ..etc. and become part of a community of passionate and eager to learn moms from around the Arab world.

Here is what you need to take into consideration while sending your articles:

  • Simple, original and easy to follow: we look for original content of 250-500-700 words that is written specially to 360moms and haven’t been published in any other website. it has to be informative and written in simple language that we all can easily follow and understand. we keep the positive tone of voice in almost all of our content and looking to keep it this way with the community contributions, so please keep your articles welcoming and easy to access from the community.
  • Please mention the source of any medical recommendations, health information or conclusions. so if you are claiming that certain behaviour or food is good or not good for the human body then you need to support your claim with a scientific source so people can learn more and feel comfortable following your recommendations.
  • Include an attractive and catchy headline, provide actionable tips, highlight the main points, and provide a high quality and original photo, we may change the photo if we find better option for your article.
  • We love educational articles that help our community get inspired to learn, grow, and feel empowered in many important areas such as mental health, fitness, recipe tips, parenting, motherhood, beauty, ..etc.
  • In 360 moms we don’t compensate contributors, however we are happy to promote your profile and your social media pages’ links, only when you have three contributions or above, so please include a short paragraph about yourself, personal photo and include your social pages’ links.
  • If you are participating with real life story to inspire other moms, and wish to keep your identity anonymous, please feel free to use a nickname in the name field. in this case we will not promote your profile and your name will appear un-clickable.
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