DWQA Questionsتصنيف: الأمومة والتربية5. Is it true that I could spoil my baby by picking him up every time he cries?
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Sirsa QurshaSirsa Qursha فريق العمل اجيب عليه قبل سنتين

Hi Ameena That’s an important question and we are usually guided by how old your baby is. Generally speaking, you should respond to your baby’s distressed cues if they are under 6 months. This is important for secure attachment development between baby and primary caregiver (and I should also point out that around 6 months, you can start sleep training as this doesn’t impact attachment development negatively). Yet it’s also important that you respond to your baby as you are teaching him how to self soothe in the future- and the first way he learns how to calm himself down is by seeing how you are able to calm him down. This is an important skill to learn particularly during the , toddler years when he can become easily frustrated, so in that sense, you’re actually working on a skill he will need in the coming months For now, if your baby is under 1 year old you can model self soothing behaviors by responding to his cues. If he is fussy, your calm voice can be reassuring and soothing, you can also offer back or tummy rubs if he gets fussy as he’s trying to put himself to sleep. Be sure to pick him up and respond verbally if he’s crying loudly. By also responding to your baby by offering pacifiers or a beloved blanket/soft toy he’s also learning that you are meeting his emotional needs and in the future he can do the same for himself.  If your baby is less than 3 months old; general rule of thumb is: respond each time he cries. There’s no way you are spoiling him at that age. You are meeting not only physiological needs , but emotional needs as well.   I hope this was helpful, be sure to touch base again if you need an age specific tip! I wish you the best of luck Sirsa