DWQA Questionsتصنيف: الحمل و الولادةHallo I’m in the sixth month of pregnancy. I have been complaining of lower abdominal pain for the last few weeks. The pain is worse with movements. I’m worried that I might be going into preterm labour?
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Dr. Rami KilaniDr. Rami Kilani فريق العمل رد قبل سنتين

HalloLower abdominal pain in the the sixth month is normal. It is known as round ligament pain anusually caused by the growing uterus causing strain ,Preterm labor is a severe pain that comes in waves .gets worse with time

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Dr. Rami KilaniDr. Rami Kilani فريق العمل اجيب عليه قبل سنتين

Lower abdominal pain is common in the second trimester of pregnancy. It is usually due to ligament stretching as the uterus increases in size. The main ligament is the round ligament which attaches the uterus to the pelvic side wall. Round ligament pain usually responds well t simple analgesia like paracetamol. Other causes for pain are urinary tract infection and Braxton hicks contractions. Preterm labor pain usually is cramp like, severe and increases in intensity with time. The pain is usually associated with cervical changes. If you are worried about preterm labor you need to visit your doctor who would perform a quick exam to rule out preterm labor.