DWQA Questionsتصنيف: الأمومة والتربيةMy girl is almost 6 and she is super shy she finds it hard to communicate with others what should I do
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Sirsa QurshaSirsa Qursha فريق العمل اجيب عليه قبل سنتين

Dear Ameena, Thank you for your question. It’s interesting you mention this, I was just talking about this issue with a group of professionals last week. We were actually discussing the book Quiet’: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain.  I would recommend you reading it or listening to a few of her podcasts. I am not sure whether your daughter is an introvert but I think you’d still find it useful.    If you think your child is having difficulty talking to others, here are a few things you can keep in mind. We usually avoid labelling a child as “shy”, I think your main concern is helping her in better managing social situations. If you’ve read some of my responses to the questions in these sections you’d see I am a firm believer in respecting a child’s temperament and also acknowledging that it might be really hard for her to manage social situations at times. So expressing that and being empathic is important. Second, you should look at how you are modelling social interactions and confidence, remember kids learn a great deal from observing adults around them. Gradually expose her to social situations such as 1–1 play dates with peers, keep the groups small at first until she becomes more comfortable with social situations. Be sure to praise any efforts she makes to interact with others. Also, don’t underestimate that some children need very specific reminders on basic social interactions such as making eye contact, shaking hands etc. Avoid shaming her or asking her to speak up, interact, or go do things with other children. Instead offer reassurance and guidance during these instances.   It’s important to also try and understand if she has specific worries from communicating with others, if she does allow her the opportunity to express these worries rather than keep them to herself. Good luck with the journey!