DWQA Questionsتصنيف: القراءة مع طفلكWould you please recommend Arabic language educational learning materials and games for ages 6 months-1 year Where can I obtain this in Amman
Rasha Abdel-MajeedRasha Abdel-Majeed فريق العمل سأل قبل سنتين

Would you kindly recommend Arabic language educational materials and games or toys for ages 6 months-1 year (apart from little minds DVDs) to children wanting to learn the Arabic language in a fun and interactive manner Where can I obtain these in Amman. Please provide name of bookshops or toy stores that carry the recommended learning materials to learn Arabic 

Rania El TurkRania El Turk فريق العمل رد قبل سنتين

At this age, children learn language best from the actual interaction with people around them, mom and dad talking to them, reading aloud and singing songs. They also learn best from open ended play, for instance from building blocks they can stack, a musical instrument they can beat, etc… The best Arabic language educational materials would therefore be books that you enjoy reading to your child, or CDs that you can listen and dance to. Dar Al Salwa has a wonderful collection of nursery rhymes that includes a CD and DVD while Yuki Press offers alphabet and common careers flashcards. You can find Arabic letters building blocks at Readers in Taj Mall, and if you are in search of toys, Hamleys has a couple of Fisher Price sing along toys In Arabic. Mikhi and Dar Al Manhal are also good places to check out for educational materials and toys.

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360Moms Team360Moms Team فريق العمل اجيب عليه قبل سنتين

 المفكرون الصغار “Hello dear, we recommend “little thinking minds 
.for Arabic songs and educational DVD’s, and they are available in most bookshops.